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mother's day dolls
"we come together, choose joy, we matter"


Many African cultures, dolls have been used for various purposes beyond mere playthings. They often serve as ritual objects, teaching tools, or symbols of spiritual beliefs. For example, in some societies, dolls are used in initiation ceremonies to teach young girls about womanhood and societal roles.

Doll makers utilize a wide range of materials, often depending on what is locally available. This includes wood, clay, fabric, beads, shells, and natural fibers. These materials not only contribute to the aesthetic of the dolls but also hold cultural significance and may carry symbolic meanings representing aspects of the human experience, cultural heritage, and spiritual beliefs. They may depict ancestors, deities, or mythical figures, serving as a connection to the spiritual realm or as objects of veneration.
"if you can dream it, you can stitch it"
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